Benefits of Keeping Your Windows Clean

Professional Window Cleaning Service

Clean windows are something we all take for granted sometimes. Everyone appreciates clean windows and there are lots of benefits of keeping them clean. It is always good to have your windows cleaned by a professional window cleaning service.

Domestic Premises

As homeowners it’s important to have a regular window-cleaning schedule. Not only is it pleasing on the eye and improves the curb appeal of your home. It also improves the mood of the occupants, getting the best light possible into your home. This impacts all aspects of your day-to-day life. Regular cleaning stops the dirt build up from getting too much and gives the windows longevity. It’s a great idea to think about having a regular professional window cleaning service visit your home.

Commercial Businesses

Business owners need to ensure windows are cleaned regularly, internally and externally. If an office building doesn't look clean and tidy from the outside it may cause customers to doubt efficiency in other areas. First impressions are key. With windows normally low on the list of things to clean, having a professional window cleaning service is one less worry.

Staff welfare is also important and being able to see out of clean windows is a must. We all know that feeling of looking out of a dirty window, it can affect how you feel. Lack of natural light can affect productivity and morale of workers. So it really is in the best interest of a business to use this service.

Window Cleaning Services

Maid on a Mission use the very innovative and economically friendly Reach and Wash Water Fed Pole System for the majority of the work. There are lots of advantages, of this cutting edge technology, for both the customer and us. We need to protect the environment and this system only uses fresh water and avoids unnecessary detergents. There is no residue left behind, the water jet lifts the dirt from the windows and sill easily and quickly.

Homeowners, especially, benefit as it allows us to reach windows that may otherwise be inaccessible. It minimizes health and safety risks by having the cleaner on ground level at all times. The brush extends on a telescopic pole to exterior windows above ground level. There is less disruption to individuals and it also helps protects privacy.

Traditional Window Cleaning

For internal frames and some lower external windows, traditional cleaning methods are employed. We use detergent and a squeegee for these. Every clean includes sills and frames to ensure they look every bit as sparkling as you'd expect.

Professional Window Cleaning Service

Please contact us with your window cleaning needs and to arrange your free quotation. Our professional window cleaning services cover Kent and South East London.

You can rely on us to leave your windows looking their best!